Slagwerkkrant article (July/August 2014)



The Press about my drumwork on Tank86 - Rise (2011)
Apart from the cohesive song-writing, the band themselves are incredible players. I usually don't pay that much attention to drumming for example but its hard not to with Tank86 because the drum-work here is mind-blowing. Add to that, killer crushing guitar work and excellent production that is loud, clear and full of dynamics and you are left with an album of devastating quality.
Dark, doomy, early-Cathedralesque guitar parts, and real headbanging riffs, with amazing drumming, I mean like really, I'm loving the drumming on this.
Drumming and bass are an exquisite example of unconventional melodic lines and talented low end artistry that demand a couple of listens with the attention steered just for those two. As much as guitar driven the album is, it is the drumming that intensifies the pleasure of listening, it is the bass that pleasantly rumbles on the low side. Changing melodies and tempos or their scale or intensity comes with ease to those guys and doesn’t feel forced or unnatural.