Sludge metal band TANK86 delivers mighty sonic blows, never losing sight of the almighty riff, pounding you into oblivion.

2011 sees the release of Rise. Harmonised guitars, a layered approach and guest appearances by Peter van Elderen (Peter Pan Speedrock) and Tommi Holappa (Dozer / Greenleaf) add true depth to the massive sound of the instrumental band.

Over the past years TANK86 has toured Europe with Dozer and stood its ground alongside bands such as Monster Magnet, Pelican, Karma to Burn and Valient Thorr.

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The sun has set. Time to get up, it all starts now.

Tipping their hats to the blues and the classics, Duskhead brings you genuine rock music. Honest, fine crafted songs that make heads nod and feet move.

2012 will see the release of their debut EP "Duskhead". Make no mistake, these guys have years of collective music experience and will rock your world.

Get ready to become a duskhead, Because night is more exciting than day.

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Black Top

Take a left turn at the end of punk and follow the smoking path called rock until you come to the tombstones of the blues. It is there that you’ll find Black Top, a steaming blues-rock threesome with a rock & roll attitude.

Together, Black Top can boast decades of rock & roll experience, a thick skin, bleeding fingers, and vocal chords so gritty you could mistake them for sandpits. The holy fire burns Black Top’s soul as never before, and three hour gigs are no exception.

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