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Dec 17, 2014

Quoted from the TANK86 HQ:

"Dutch instrumental heavyweights TANK86 have released a music video for the track “Vault” from their new Album “OBEY”, scheduled for release on Lighttown Fidelity / Rising Magma records in January 2015. The band just completed a successful kickstarter campaign to raise funds fo the follow up of 2011’s critically acclaimed “Rise”.

The video depicts an atmospheric battle between two grim figures shot in full stop-motion.

TANK86 has been creating its own particular brand of heavy instrumentalism since 2005. Two guitars, bass and drums are all the tools this band needs to get their heavy point across. A high dosage of riffs, harmonized layers and unconventional song structures effectively dismiss any need for vocals. No time for singing when youare pounded into oblivion..."

Jul 29, 2014

Tank86 has been busy recording and mixing a new record. Stuff is gonna blow you away! 
Lots of heavy grooves and tons of riffs on this one.

Jul 16, 2014

Super thrilled to announce that I recently joined the Amedia and Balbex family!
For the upcoming gigs and studiowork, I'll use the following beautiful Cymbals and Drumsticks:

Amedia 14” Classic Hihat
Amedia 18” Vigor Rock Crash
Amedia 19” Thrace Crash
Amedia 21” Jazz Ride

Balbex Ringo II Drumsticks

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